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    Michael Kennedy Insurance Group

    "We are long-standing members of Dublin Fingal Chamber of Commerce as the chamber offers a great range of benefits to its members. In our experience, the regular organising of networking events and information briefings is a useful tool in forging new contacts and facilitating new business with other members.
    Making a sale may not always be possible but the ability to contact a member and seek their advice on a subject matter is an invaluable resource.
    I strongly recommend that you join the Chamber and be part of an organisation that works to promote business in your region."

    Michael Kennedy, Managing Director, Michael Kennedy Insurance Group



    Country Crest

    "Country Crest has been a member of Fingal Dublin Chamber for many years and has benefited in many ways form this membership.

    Networking with like-minded businesses and people has enabled us to look outwardly at how businesses adapt and prosper within Fingal and Ireland.

    Being a part and taking part within the Chamber is hugely important to us and we value our membership greatly."

    Tony Doyle, Commercial Manager, Country Crest



    S & S Office Interiors

    "S & S Office Interiors Ltd has been a member of the chamber for 7 years, the services that the Chamber provide are valuable to our business and feel that our membership is an important part of our business going forward”

    Alan Spain, Managing Director, S & S Office Interiors



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