• Members Information Centre

    As a member of Fingal Dublin Chamber, you have the capability to manage several aspects of your chamber membership account online. You can log in to the Fingal Dublin Chamber online Member Information Centre (MIC) via the Chamber website. This enables you to:

    • update your username/password
    • manage and customise your company information
    • add your logo
    • add/update new employees
    • register for member-only events 
    • add news (appointments, award wins, anniversaries, mergers, charity activities, etc.) 
    • pay invoices
    • offer public or member to member deals
    • post job opportunities
    • view your business directory listing and company referral statistics
    • get a "Membership Badge" widget that can be copied onto your own site resulting in a “badge” that shows “Proud member of …” and the Chamber's logo.


    How to Access the Member Information Centre

    You will need a username (typically your email address) and a password. If you forget your username/password, click the 'Forgot Password' link located below the login area or email info@fingaldublinchamber.ie. You may choose to login with your social account(s) by linking one or more to your profile.
    Log in to start using your new benefits immediately. In the future you can just log on conveniently from the upper right hand corner of the website. If you need assistance please view the tutorial videos or contact us at 01 890 0977 or info@fingaldublinchamber.ie


    Instructional Videos and Guides

    How To Update Your Personal Profile
    Vid.png Pdf icon.png You can update all of your personal information from within the MIC. This video explains how.
    How To Update Your Company Profile
    Vid.png Pdf icon.png You can update all of your company information, including logos and contact details, from within the MIC.
    How To Manage and Use Events
    Vid.png Pdf icon.png You can learn how to use, manage, submit, and register for events from within the MIC.
    How To Post a Hot Deal
    Vid.png Pdf icon.png Learn how you can access, create and manage your Hot Deals and Member to Member Deals from within the MIC.
    How To Add a Job Posting
    Pdf icon.png Learn how you can access, create and manage their Job Postings from within the MIC.
    How To Pay Bills Online
    Vid.png Pdf icon.png Learn how you can pay your open invoices online from within the MIC.
    How To Store your Credit Card in the MIC
    Vid.png You can easily store your credit card information via the MIC for use when registering or events, and even use in paying recurring fees & dues.


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