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What is Chamber HR?

Chamber HR

Fingal Dublin Chamber provides a HR resources management service for businesses in partnership with Peninsula Business Services, the largest employment law consultancy in Ireland.  Chamber HR is a tailor-made solution to suit individual member’s needs in the increasingly difficult business area of human resources management which has a proven approach to protect you, your livelihood and your business.

How does it help your business?

  • 24-hour a day, 365-days a year advice line
  • An indemnification against the negative financial costs of resisting a claim in the Employment Appeals Tribunal or Labour Relations Commission as well as an indemnification against having to pay possible unfair dismissal awards that can be made against the respondent
  • Continuous updates on new EU and Government legislation in the area of HR
  • A full face-to-face consultation service providing staff contracts of employment, employee handbooks for all staff, employers' reference manuals and all recording documentation, as well as full training for the nominated users of the system
  • Management control systems
  • Employment contracts and handbooks
  • Recording and documentation systems
  • Legislation updates

Health & Safety

  • An Evaluation of Your Premises and Undertakings
  • The Preparation of a General Health and Safety Statement
  • Risk Assessments
  • Assistance with the carrying out of an emergency/accident investigation
  • Liaison with the Health and Safety Authority
  • Indemnity that will cover the cost of defending against any prosecution or action
  • Access to 24 hour consultancy expertise and advice
  • Amendments to documentation should there be any change in health and safety law
  • The replenishment of all working documents

For more information call 1890 252 923

Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Sponsorship Opportunities 2013

Promote Your Brand & Your Business

The Chamber

Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce is one of the strongest and most active business organisations in the Greater Dublin Region and is committed to helping businesses to grow and prosper. The Chamber is clearly recognised for its role in promoting and supporting economic development in the Fingal/North Dublin Region.

The Opportunities

As part of that commitment to grow and stimulate business, the Chamber provides many sponsorship opportunities for businesses to promote themselves and their services to other businesses and the public at large. We believe that business men and women have a hunger to get things moving again and the Chamber is a great place to start. Businesses can choose from a range of sponsorship packages which allows them the ideal opportunity to be associated with the Chamber brand while enhancing their exposure in the region.

The Members

Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce is now the leading and most influential business organisation in the Fingal and North Dublin Region. The Chamber now represents more businesses of every size across more business sectors, over a larger area and is effectively the voice of business on many local, regional and national bodies.


The Events

The Chamber organises regular Chamber Business Breakfast Briefings with a guest speaker who will speak on a topical issue. The Briefings normally start at 7:30 am sharp and finishing at 9:00 sharp.

The Opportunity

Each Sponsor will have their company logo included on all event material posted out, be invited to place up to two pull up stands at the event, will have two places at the top table, be invited to address the attendees prior to the guest speaker and will be listed as sponsor on the website alongside the event listing.



The Event

The Chamber also organises regular Business After 6 Networking Evenings with guest speakers. These evenings are held in locations throughout the Fingal Region starting at 6 pm and finishing at 8 pm. and are free to members and potential members.

The Opportunity

Each Sponsor will have their company logo included on all event material posted out, be invited to place up to two pull up stands at the event, be invited to address the attendees and will be listed as sponsor on the website alongside the event listing.

The Cost

The cost of sponsorship of a Chamber Business Breakfast and/or a Business After 6 Network Evening is €1,000.00 + Vat for Members including a special member’s discount and €1,500.00 + Vat for a non-member. This does not cover the venue, food and drink costs but does include the following:

  • Creation, Mail Merging & printing of invitations to over 800 Members/contacts
  • Cost of postage
  • Email reminder for event
  • Liaising with local media
  • Event Management



The Event

The Fingal Business Excellence & Corporate Responsibility Awards are organised by the Fingal Dublin Chamber to recognise the efforts of companies and to promote excellence in the quality of their products, services and customer care. These awards are now in their eleventh year and celebrate business excellence in the Fingal Region and pay tribute to the talent, drive, innovation and success of the business community in the area.

The Awards will be launched in late summer and the winners will be announced at the black-tie Gala Awards Presentation Evening sponsored by Fingal County Council in the Crowne Plaza Northwood on Friday 15th November 2013. Over 450 business men and women will attend this prestigious black-tie event.

The Awards brochure is circulated to over twelve-hundred businesses throughout the region and details of the awards and their sponsors are highlighted in the media in the months leading up to the Gala Awards Presentation Evening. There are eighteen awards in the 2013 Fingal Business Excellence Awards and the previous year’s sponsors will be given first opportunity to continue sponsorship.

The Opportunity

Each Award Sponsor will receive:

  • Half-page section dedicated to their company in the awards brochure
  • Separate half-page advert in the awards brochure
  • Listed on the website alongside the award
  • Receive four free tickets to the Gala Awards Presentation Evening
  • Present the Award to the winning company on the Evening

The Cost

The cost of an award sponsorship is €1,750.00 + Vat for Members including a 30% discount and €2,500.00 + Vat for non-members.


In addition to the above the Chamber can support/ organise tailor-made sponsorship opportunities to suit individual sponsors including ribbon-cutting events, company promotions, product launches and events on members premises. The sponsorship costs for these events will be agreed on an individual basis.

To arrange your sponsorship of an event please contact:

Tony Lambert
T. 8900977
M. 086 2594223
E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Chamber Export Documentation & Certification Services

                                                  EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES

Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce is a leading provider of export documentation services and is licenced by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation and Chambers Ireland to issue and certify Certificates of Origin (EU Certs & Arab-Irish Certs) and provides other certification services for companies including invoices and other company documents. The Chamber also provides a service for documents to be notarised by a Notary Public and/or Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and a legalisation service where required with foreign embassies.

The following are standard fees charged for export documentation services
(These revised fees apply as and from the 1st April 2015)

 Certs of Origin                                                                                          Chamber Members               Non Members

• EU Certificates of Origin                                                    €22.00 per cert                  €32.00 per cert
• Arab Irish Certificates of Origin                                          €22.00 per cert                  €32.00 per cert
• Certification of Invoices etc.                                              €20.00 per document          €30.00 per document

On-line Certification (additional charges)

• Cert of Origin                                                                   €5.00 per cert                     €5.00 per cert
• Invoices etc.                                                                    €2.50 per document            €2.50 per document

The Chamber provides a secure on-line digital document certification service through TradeCert. The service is used by exporters and shipping agents to sign, stamp and certify certs of origin and documents using digital signatures. The service is fast, efficient, flexible and user friendly. The additional charge is included in the Chamber invoice.

Full Servicewhere requested           

• Cert of Origin                                                                   €20.00 per full service         €30.00 per full service       

The Chamber provides on request a full service for clients who wish the Chamber to print out and certify certs of origin and/or invoices/company documents. This saves time and is a fast efficient service. More details of this service can be obtained from the Chamber office.

Company Documents                  

• Certification of Documents                                                 €20.00 per document           €30.00 per document
• Notary Public                                                                    €50.00 per document
• Apostille (Dept. of Foreign Affairs)                                       €10.00 - €40.00 per document
• Legalisation – Arab Irish Chamber                                       Costs vary from country to country
• Legalisation – Egypt                                                           €80.00 per document
• Legalisation – China                                                           €40.00 per document

• Legalisation fees for other countries can be checked as and when required.

Copies of Company Documents/Invoices

Please note that a copy of all company documents, invoices etc. must be provided when submitting them for certification. In the case of company documents/ invoices etc. for certification/legalisation by the Arab-Irish Chamber, three copies is required. Photocopying of company documents, invoices etc. by the Chamber Office will be charged at a rate of €1.00 per page subject to a minimum charge of €5.00.

For further information on Certs of Origin contact the Chamber office on 8900977.

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :


Fingal Dublin Chamber Membership Benefits

Fingal Dublin Chamber has provided leadership for the business community for nearly 20 years and is the leading and most influential network for businesses in the Fingal Dubin Region.


With nearly 350 business members who employ an estimated 20,000+ staff across every business sector, the Chamber actively promotes, lobbies and represents the business community at every level.  The Chamber provides networking opportunitites and a range of services for Members while actively promoting and supporting a strong sustainable local economy.  It has built strong relationships with local and national government and is an active member of Chambers Ireland, the national body representing Chambers of Commerce.

Creating a stronger local economy and promoting the community through leadership and by influencing business issues is a major part of the Chamber's work.  Now more than ever it is vital to have access to people, information and resources that can help grow your business which makes the Chamber a cost effective investment.


The Chamber provides extensive networking opportunities which are essential in today's environment.  Members can meet potential customers by attending our many events which is also an opportunity for you and your company to increase your visibility and raise your profile.  Membership of the Chamber provides exposure and information which are important ingredients for business success while also offering the following:

An opportunity to create a stronger local economy

Excellent Networking events

Promoting the community

Leadership and lobbying for businesses

Publishing and providing free of charge to members our Year Book which includes all members contact details and an overview of the events held throughout the year

Export documentation services which are a vital asset for any business involved in exporting

Certification & Exporting Documentation Services

The Chamber is a leading provider of export documentation services including handling all documents for certification and legalisation for trading partners througout the worlsd as well as a Notary Public and an Apostille service through the Departmentof Foreign Affairs. Companies can also avail of a secure online digital documentation certification system through TradeCert.

Corporate Respsonsibility Network

The Fingal Dublin Chamber has also set up the Fingal Corporate Responsibility Network Forum with founding partner PayPal.  The Network provides support for companies seeking to promote CSR as part of their efforts to act responsibly and build strong,ethical relationships with customers, suppliers, the community and the environment around them.

By joining now you will be immediately included on our website and have access to all the latest developments in the Fingal Region.














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