A New Runway at Dublin Airport


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Pictured at the Dublin Airport Consultation Process presentation in the Grand Hotel,

Malahide were: Chamber CEO, Tony Lambert and Dublin Airport’s Siobhan O’Donnell.

Dublin airport is building a new runway that will improve connectivity for Ireland, create jobs and reduce the potential for delays as passenger numbers rapidly expand.

Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce fully supports the development of the New Runway which will provide positive economic benefits and assist Dublin Airport to compete with other European airports through creating commercial addresses for prospective businesses that want to be located at an airport.  

As a small, open Island economy without a land link to other countries, Ireland is critically dependent on air transport. Fingal Dublin Chamber greatly welcome this development which is overdue as Dublin Airport is central in supporting trade, tourism and foreign direct investment in the Fingal Area and beyond.

 In 2015, over 25 million passengers used Dublin Airport and with the development of the new runway, it is predicted to contribute an extra €2.2 billion to the Irish economy and will create up to 21,200 new jobs over the next 20 years.

The Airport currently supports approximately 97,000 jobs, one-quarter of which is held by Fingal residents.


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